RGBlue, named after the three primary colors of light "RGB" and the sea "Blue," was launched in 2013 as a brand in pursuit of the ideal underwater light for divers. Our mission is to realize the essence of what is required of underwater lights and what we consider to be the ideal tools.

Ideal light source underwater

Unlike on land, underwater, where sunlight does not reach, it is not only darker, but also loses its color because yellow and red light is absorbed by the water molecules. Therefore, in water where color is lost, the perception of what is seen is determined by the light that illuminates it. RGBlue uses the highest quality LEDs and is sensitive to the evolution of LEDs to achieve the best colors underwater at all times.

Real tools

Tools that combine not only functionality and performance, but also appearance and reliability, are tools that you will want to use for a long time. Diving gear requires extraordinary toughness. In addition to being waterproof, it must also withstand salt, pressure, and other shocks. The unique recovery function assumes submergence due to lack of maintenance, and overhaul is realized for the first time for an underwater light.
In addition, in 2022, we will transfer our production base to Japan and establish the Yokohama DSC (Development & Support Center), a base dedicated to R&D and user support. We will further develop innovative products and enhance user support.