More natural" "Super Natural Color" 5000K Ultra high color rendering Ra95

Super Natural Color" is a new light source that achieves ultra-high color rendering (Ra95) in the daylight-white light color range, which has been difficult to achieve with the current standard color (daylight-white, color temperature: 5000 Kelvin, color rendering index: Ra80). This has enabled the highest level of color reproducibility for two types of light colors, white and daylight white, in addition to the premium color (white, color temperature 4200 Kelvin, color rendering property Ra95) released in 2015.

Sunny + daylight natural light, cooperates with ocean color. High affinity with rush light.  

Modulation system with one-touch connection

The SYSTEM:re series is a modularized light source (light module) and power source (battery module) that can be attached and detached easily with RGBlue's original bayonet structure.

Multiple battery modules can be provided, or 5 different light modules or 2 different battery modules can be interconnected.

The light module and battery module each have a waterproof structure equivalent to IPX6* and are equipped with protective circuits that protect electrical contacts from corrosion, preventing malfunctions in the event of trouble.

*IPX6 is a waterproof standard that states "no harmful effects from strong jets of water from any direction. *Connection and disconnection underwater are not allowed.


after-sales service

■overhaul service

This overhaul service is designed to extend the life of your SYSTEM series watches.

All O-rings and charging terminals will be replaced, overpressure valves will be inspected, batteries will be refreshed, and all functions and water resistance will be checked. A one-year warranty will be provided from the completion of the overhaul.

■Parts-by-part repair support

The SYSTEM series can be repaired only where necessary, on a component-by-component basis.

Please see the [SUPPORT] page for details on after-sales service.