Two types of "Spot Beam" beam light and flashing mode by unique optical control

The unique optical control by the "beam attachment" provides two types of beam light: 15° and 17°.

The beam can also be used for dive light/guide applications with a flashing mode.

Modulation system with one-touch connection

The SYSTEM:re series is a modularized light source (light module) and power source (battery module) that can be attached and detached easily with RGBlue's original bayonet structure.

Multiple battery modules can be provided, or 5 different light modules or 2 different battery modules can be interconnected.

The light module and battery module each have a waterproof structure equivalent to IPX6* and are equipped with protective circuits that protect electrical contacts from corrosion, preventing malfunctions in the event of trouble.

*IPX6 is a waterproof standard that states "no harmful effects from strong jets of water from any direction. *Connection and disconnection underwater are not allowed.


after-sales service

■overhaul service

This overhaul service is designed to extend the life of your SYSTEM series watches.

All O-rings and charging terminals will be replaced, overpressure valves will be inspected, batteries will be refreshed, and all functions and water resistance will be checked. A one-year warranty will be provided from the completion of the overhaul.

■Parts-by-part repair support

The SYSTEM series can be repaired only where necessary, on a component-by-component basis.

Please see the [SUPPORT] page for details on after-sales service.