Characteristics of RGBlue After-sales service

Overhaul Service

This is an overhaul service to extend the life of the SYSTEM series.
We will replace all O-rings, charge terminals, inspect the overpressure valve, refresh the battery,
check all functions and waterproof performance. It comes with a one-year warranty after overhaul.

Details of overhaul service (example: SYSTEM02)

* It will be accepted.

* approx. It will be supported for 7 years. Depending on the availability of replacement parts, the response period may be earlier.

” does not include shipping.

* Parts other than the above If replacement is necessary, the work will be done after approval of the cost in advance.

* Charge adapter repaired If you need to replace it, you will be charged for it.

Part-by-part repair

The SYSTEM series can be repaired on a part-by-part basis only where necessary.

See 【SUPPORT】 page for after-sales service details