System01 SPOT BEAM

Dimensions & Part names

Product Features

SYSTEM01 Version2  SYSTEM01-V2



SYSTEM01 Version3  SYSTEM01-SB

<Provided accessories>

Beam attachment, Rubber protector, Hand Grip, Light Module Cap, Battery Module Cap, AC Adapter Charging Set, Maintenance Kit, Exclusive Case L



Light Module LM5K2500V  LM5K3000V


Battery Module BM3500B  BM3500B

Product Specifications

Irradiationangle*1 5° With Beam attachment / 17° Without Beam attachment
Color rendering index
Total flux 1300lm
Maximum irradiation distance*2 400m (on land, without Beam attachment)
1-metercentral light intensity With Beamattachment
4-step brightness control (30000lux/19000lux/14000lux/9000lux)

Without Beam attachment
(Without Beam attachment 40000lux/25000lux/19000lux/12000lux)
Continuous lighting period 4-step brightness control:(70min./170min./260min./500min.)
Non-step brightness control:(70min.-700min.)
* Lighting periods are standard values when the fully-charged BM3500B is used
LED indication Remaining battery power / Blue→Purple→Yellow→Red and Error / Red flashing.
Power supply Rechargeable lithium ion battery, 3200mA/7.2V(23.04Wh).
Withstanding water depth 100meters, IPX8(JIS protection class8)
Dimensions Max.dia. Φ64mm x 150mm(excluding projections)
Weight 485g overland, 200g underwater
Materials & treatment Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy / hard anodized aluminum, PC, optical glass / chemically strengthened glass.

*1 Light distribution angle when the light intensity becomes 10% (one-tenth) of the central light intensity.
*2 Theoretical value at the distance when the central light intensity is 0.25 lux.The range varies depending on operating environment condition such as water transparency.
*3 The battery life is regarded as expired when the rechargeable capacity drops below 50% of the original battery capacity. Consequently, the battery is still usable after the battery life is expired.


System01-SB Standard Accessoris

*Light module unit, Battery Module unit, Provided accessories are sold separately.

  • Beam attachment
    Beam attachment BA01-49M
    Achieves spot beam light with sharp contours.Already mounted when the product is shipped from the factory.
  • Rubber protector
    Rubber protector RGB-RP01
    Protects the light from scratch damage and impact. Already mounted when the product is shipped from the factory.
  • RGB-HG02
    Hand Grip 02 RGB-HG02
    Gun-grip type hand grip equipped with a clip mechanism for direct mounting on a BC.
  • RGB-HG02
    Battery Module Cap RGB-CAP1
    During transportation, this cap protects the O-ring surfaces and contacts from dirt and also secures insulation. The bayonet mount facilitates secure attaching and detaching.
    Note: A waterproof function is not provided.
  • RGB-HG02
    Light Module Cap RGB-CAP2
    During transportation, this cap protects the O-ring surfaces and contacts from dirt and also secures insulation. The bayonet mount facilitates secure attaching and detaching.
    Note: A waterproof function is not provided.
  • ACBP-01
    AC Adapter Charging Set ACBP-01

    Includes an AC adapter and dedicated charging plug for recharging the Battery Module.

    The input is compatible with 100 to 240V AC. Three kinds of power plugs -types A, C, and BF- are available for international use.

  • RGB-MK01
    Maintenance Kit RGB-MK01
    Dedicated O-ring spare, O-ring remover, special silicone grease, and lintless cotton swab are included.
  • EC02
    Exclusive Case L EC02
    Accommodates the Main Unit, Hand Grip 02, Charging Kit, and Maintenance Kit, as well as the optional YS Adapter Set and Diffusion Lens.

Optional accessories

  • RGB-FA01
    Flip Adapter RGB-FA01
    Made using an all-metal machining process, this adapter enables users to quickly and easily switch between various RGBlue System Series accessories such as a beam attachment, condenser lens, filter, and snoot kit.
  • YSAN-01
    YS Adapter Set YSAN-01
    Adapter for mounting the light source on an arm. Can be attached to the accessory mounting plate.*
    * With an Allen wrench
  • CL60-49M
    Diffusion Lens CL60-49M
    Diffuses the irradiation angle to 80° atmaximum.Note: When combined with the SYSTEM01-SB,this lens functions as a diffusion filter.
  • RF01-49M
    Red Filter RF01-49M
    This optical filter is designed to illuminate living bodies that react to light. The filter can be used in combination with the condenser lens or another filter.
  • RGB-GA01
    GoPro® Adapter RGB-GA01
    This adapter allows the GoPro® to be mounted directly on the underwater light. A compact photography kit can be formed in combination with the Hand Grip 01.
  • RGB-RSA2
    Rotary Shoe Adapter RGB-RSA2
    This adapter is used to clamp the underwater light on the shoe base of a camera housing. It can rotate a full 360°. The shape and dimensions of the dial knob have been modified to make it easier to attach or detach. A rubber section has been added to reduce rattling.
  • RGB-RSA2
    YS Extension RGB-YSEX1
    When combined with an underwater light such as the Rotary Shoe Adapter 2* or SYSTEM 01, the working range can be expanded, giving you more lighting options.
    * This accessory can also be combined with the previous Rotary Shoe Adapter.
  • RGB-BA01
    Ball Adapter RGB-BA01
    This adapter is used to connect the product to a commercially available arm clamp.
  • RGB-RC01
    Optical Connection Remote Controller RGB-RC01
    Controls up to two SYSTEM01/02 units through commercially available optical fiber cables (compliant to the SEA&SEA or OLYMPUS standard). Provided with an arm connection stay/screws and the brightness control, two-light switching and low battery alarm functions, and powered by a single "AA"-size battery.
  • RGB-MC01
    Memory Card Case RGB-MC01
    This weather-proof memory card case can hold up to 6 microSD, 6 SD, and 3 CF cards.
  • RGB-MAT1
    Maintenance Mat RGB-MAT1
    Measuring 40 x 50 cm and made of neoprene, this mat provides an excellent base for setting up your photographic equipment.

*Specifications may be subject to change without notice.
*GoPro® is a registered trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.